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The use of the information contained in any program or this website does not constitute Approval or Disapproval by the data source.
Use outside of any program or this website may require approval of the Data Source, owner or creator.
All information and graphics are provided for entertainment purposes only.
All information is property of the data source, owner or creator.

The information provided here, and sold by us is to be used as staring point only and should not be taken as the gospel. We attempt to provide accurate information however all information is subject to change. Sometimes even dated information can provide information, it can give you an Audit trail of how things changed for the better or for the worst.

You may not copy*, reproduce*, or distribute* any parts of this website including but not limited to software, text files, documentation, clipart, graphics, images or photos to any media or by any means with out the expressed consent of the copyright owner. You may not modify, reverse engineer, decompile any parts of any programs found here or distributed by us.

*Excludes Freeware, Public Domain and Royalty Free Reports. Freeware Public domain and Royalty Free Reports may be copy, reproduce, or redistributed.
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